Project Strategy

Life in Jesus International Foundation (LIJIF) is committed to making a long-term commitment to the country of Uganda, as well as other areas in need in the world. This commitment is also to integration with the indigenous population in a variety of ways, including improving medical training for local medical professionals, paraprofessionals, and care workers and helping to strengthen the economic conditions, educational and economic opportunities for the people of the area and improving the access and availability of medical treatment and care.

There are three capital elements in the project strategy for LIJIF in Uganda. The first is the development of The Empowerment Center, a three-story facility on an acre of land dedicated to the improvement of agricultural techniques and other opportunities for economic advancement. The second is the development of a Health Center to improve access and availability of modern medical treatment, especially important for the population located too far from existing hospitals. Finally, the Technical Center will focus on competitive and comprehensive education, to lift the local population to a competitive level in the marketplace, improve self-sufficiency and continue to advance economic developments.

The Capital Campaign will be supplemented with training programs, educational offerings in agricultural and medical areas as well as clothing and supplies for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children in the Country.


AN EMPOWERMENT CENTER was established September 26th when Life In Jesus [LIJIF] through donations from Iris Homes and International financing Inc, bought Land at Buziga on a hill in Kampala Uganda. The cost of Land was Uganda Shillings 66 million of which 44 had been paid. The balance has been arranged for payment by the donor, Iris Homes and International Financing Inc.

The land is an acre in a good location four miles from the City Center. The land will be developed with a three-story basement building. The Empowerment Center will focus on job training, education, and development to empower disadvantaged children, children with AIDS, and those whose parents have died with the knowledge necessary to become self-sufficient, work, and build a future.

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