Project: Research


These Products are approved and licensed for use in many countries for SAFE USE.

Approved in New Zealand Approval Number ERMA200531.

Approved in Australia Approval Number 62279/42774

Approved in the Kingdom of Tonga

Approved in India Approval  Number 102133-AO1

Approved in Uganda by National Drug Authority as a CAT-10 (PHP). PHA-044


The Institution’s Research Department teamed up with American, Australian, and Malaysian researchers to tackle the Malaria Problem by Inventing a bio-friendly Mosquito Repellant candle, a Fly repellant Candle of a Bio-friendly forest-saving fire lighting chemical known as SureStart, and a bio friendly-cooking paste that speeds up cooking 80% normal cooking time. Fit for armed forces on the battle field. All Bio-Graded and approved in over seven countries and being sold all over Australia.. Sponsored by Earl and Nelson Global and  Sure Products Australia.


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Bio-Med research: Cancer Cell Research, Malaria research, RHP Research Treatment for AIDS e.t.c, and Oxy Ozone treatment for CANCER as alternative medicine. Herbal Research Center.

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Our Research Team

Earl Richards

Earl has a university degree in Marketing obtained from Sydney University,  CEO roles in various industries for the past 30 years and now heads up the manufacturing, research and development and marketing and sales departments of Sure Products. The Chief Inventor and Owner of the patents for all Sure. He is the father to Prince Nelson, Jason Richard and Father –in- Law to Mathew Concord. And the chief funding officer to the Institution and its research base.  (passed on in 2017 in  May.) R.I.P. father.

Mike Gurney

Michael Gurney has over 30 years experience in an Operations Manager and CEO position within construction and manufacturing and has extensive knowledge in all areas of business operations. Michael works closely with Earl in the distribution and sales areas of all Sure Products.  He funded the research of the safety and manufacturing of the products for over seven years.

Mathew Concord

Mathew Concord has extensive experience in raw material manufacturing, Sales and Distribution and people management, with over 25 years hands on experience, Mathew is now the head Distribution Manager for all Sure Products distributors through out the world.  He is in Charge of Australian Distribution and Sales and the quality aspect of the products.

Prince  Ssemmuggalwa Kimera

Prince Nelson Kimera is a Medical Biology Major at Prairie View University in Houston Texas. A Recipient of a Congressional Medal of Distinction  in 2004 by President George Bush; the highest given to a civilian by the United States Congress. He is the C.E.O of several companies in Uganda and founder of a US Charity, Life in Jesus International Foundation Inc. He is an Award Winning Author of books and Writer of songs with BMI (USA).

Steve Boey

Co-Founder/CEO of CANDELAX GROUP OF COMPANIES (MALAYSIA) works with lijif and Cornerstone in research and as a manufacturing arm for the brand product Insecticandel. Mr. Steve Boey, the co-inventor and founder of CandelaX is heavily involved along with other key personnel as the exclusive worldwide management team in the business of Bio-Med Products. Driving the blue ocean strategy together with Reckitt Benckiser, SC Johnson, Fumakilla via Sumitomo vehicle. Scalability is achieved through the global dominance collaboration partners. mosquito borne-diseases prevention such as WHO, APMEN, UNCEF, UNHCR and many other global disaster aids by deliver the light of hope to survivors in the dark. Together with corporate’s CSR, sponsors, advertisers, donor’s funds enable CandelaX to deliver to World Organizations.

As a value added product, we would like to set up a factory in the hub of East Africa to enhance services, train individuals and as well, cut costs for our products. A sample of the same factory in our Malaysia service center is attached.