Project Context And Need

We are there for all at-risk populations regardless of race or religion and any other artificial criteria. We are committed to raising the funds necessary; which will enable us to help feed, clothe, educate and provide necessities to enable at-risk populations to have a better life; facilitate hope for the future and learn to believe. Nelson Yiga, the CEO and Founder of LIJIF was born in Uganda, and was part of the Orphan and Vulnerable Children population, through his music he was able to rise above the peril of his circumstances, and now wants to give back to those without the benefit of his good fortune. Our participants and their families will become empowered through our holistic services so they become the generation of tomorrow; a generation, which learns to speak and see for those who cannot. We intend to build the new facilities as the funds become available which will allow each center the time schedule, which allows for optimum self-sustaining revenue. 

According to a report by the AIDS Control Programme of the Health Ministry in Uganda; 1,438,000 people in Uganda – over seven percent of Uganda’s population, carry the HIV virus. Out of those with the virus, 761,300 are women, 532,900 men and 143,800 are children under 12 years. The report went on to say that more than a million children are orphaned by AIDS, with many children under 15 suddenly heading families. In some communities, only the children and the elderly remain, threatening Uganda’s socio-economic strata, where the economic mainstay is agricultural-based subsistence that needs energetic people. 

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