Project Abstract

LIJIF, Inc. is a non-profit initiative working to mobilize the world in response to the needs of the underprivileged. LIJIF is working to eradicate poverty; one person at a time. We wish to fund projects worldwide that will enhance the lives of the world’s at-risk populations while giving them a unique chance to thrive.

We intend to supply preventative AIDS drugs to pregnant women and at-risk populations affected by HIV and AIDS. Most third-world outreach programs provide only one meal per day, which usually consists of less than 400 calories. We intend to support feeding programs that make it possible for hungry at-risk populations to have the food necessary to thrive.

Since Africa is mostly an agrarian culture, most farmers are only able to produce enough food, crops, and livestock to feed their own families. With women doing 75% of the labor, we intend to help empower them and make accessible educational and vocational tools with integrated resources needed which will improve their methods of production for consumption. Through these co-operative and integrated efforts, sustenance farmers can modernize production methods, increase yields and have a surplus to sell after meeting family needs. Life In Jesus International Foundation, Inc will support local farmers and make resources available for the creation of farming co-ops, rice, and energy production, which will help farmers grow more food for local consumption and for export purposes.

Nets treated simply with insecticide can reduce the chances of getting malaria by 80%. We will supply nets to at-risk populations in need through collaborations with existing grass root organizations and local churches. We will fund the contracting of individuals to spray inside homes and under eaves for mosquito eradication. This will reduce the $25 billion dollars cost that the world spends each year on the effects of malaria. Clean water will stop nearly 80% of all communicable diseases. LIJIF will support the drilling of water wells and water recovery projects in areas where clean water is not available and help provide anti-bacterial water filters where needed.

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