Our Team


Formerly known as Nelson Yiga,  is a USA Citizen originally from Uganda. He is a published Author of the book “Behind those eyes” published by Olympia Publishers and Bio-Med Scientist who attended Houston Community College, DeVry University, Prairie View University and now finishing his tropical disease Degree at Makerere University as a foreign student. He is a Soul musician whose PRO is BMI (USA) and managed by TuneCore also a USA based distribution company, who plays multi-instruments in a popular music genre that originated in the African communities throughout the Africans for generations and in the United States in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It has its roots in African-American gospel music and rhythm and blues. He is a recipient of a Congressional Medal of Distinction by the US Congress in 2009 and was included in the George H.W Bush Library as a Leadership Honor Roll. He founded a once giant Home Real Estate Development and Finance Company Iris Homes and International Financing Inc in Houston Texas from 2005-2010. In 2006 founded a Charity, Life in Jesus International Foundation (LIJIF) an NGO operating mainly in Africa and Nepal providing Health services and Education to at-risk populations. Lijif is a brainchild of Lijif International American University a once science-based Institution in Uganda whose collapse gave a rebirth to King Daudi Cwa II International American University. The Science University received its international acclaim when it teamed up with Australian and Malaysian researchers to invent mosquito and Flies repellant candles approved in over nine countries by National Drug Authorities. The Institution is also known so well for its “subjective Methodology” of training well known in the United States and transplanted to Uganda by Prince Kimera.


had a university degree in Marketing obtained from Sydney University,  CEO roles in various industries for the past 30 years, and now heads up the manufacturing, research and development, and marketing and sales departments of Sure Products. The Chief Inventor and Owner of the patents for all Sure. He is the father to Prince Nelson, Jason Richard, and Father-in-Law to Mathew Concord. And the chief funding officer to the Institution and its research base.  (passed on in 2017 in  May.) R.I.P. father.



has over 30 years experience in an Operations Manager and CEO position within construction and manufacturing and has extensive knowledge in all areas of business operations. Michael works closely with Earl in the distribution and sales areas of all Sure Products.  He funded the research of the safety and manufacturing of the products for over seven years.



That works with lijif and Cornerstone inresearch and as a manufacturing arm for the brand product Insecticandel. Mr. Steve Boey, the co-inventor and founder of CandelaX is heavily involved along with other key personnel as the exclusive worldwide management team in the business of Bio-Med Products. Driving the blue ocean strategy together with Reckitt Benckiser, SC Johnson, and Fumakilla via Sumitomo vehicle. Scalability is achieved through the global dominance of collaboration partners. mosquito borne-diseases prevention such as WHO, APMEN, UNICEF, UNHCR, and many other global disasters aids by delivering the light of hope to survivors in the dark. Together with corporate CSR, sponsors, advertisers, and donor funds enable CandelaX to deliver to World Organizations.


Has extensive experience in raw material manufacturing, Sales and Distribution, and people management, with over 25 years of hands-on experience, Mathew is now the head Distribution Manager for all Sure Products distributors throughout the world.  He is in charge of Australian Distribution and Sales and the quality aspect of the products.



Sam is known in the supply chain world as a man who believes that “If there is a better way to do it. Find it. Thomas Edison Sam’s goal in life is not just to make money but to make major memories as well. During his 16 years of leadership in the supply chain. Sam is credited with leveraging technologies and innovative processes that have expedited major cost reductions in the supply chain business of each organization he was associated with Bom Samuel Sebastian Blankson, in Birmingham, U.K. Sam received his B.S. degree in Business administration and Post Graduate Diploma degree in transportation at the University of London. He is also a Six Sigma Green Belt. His experience in managing various aspects of business and his desire to help others be better today and in the future than yesterday is an added asset to this young organization many have seen as an angelic participant in the charitable world.


He is a member of the board of directors of Life In Jesus International Foundation (WIF) and an Associate Ordained Elder of Grand Memorial Church of God in Christ. Brookshire, Texas Freddie Ruise was born in Sanderson, Florida, and graduated from Baker County High School in Florida with a High School Diploma. He went on to the North Florida Baptist Theological Seminary in Jacksonville Florida. He later trained as a Psychological Counselor with the Florida Department of Corrections. A career he held for twenty-two (22) years. Freddie’s belief in God and Jesus Christ led him to serve as a Youth Counselor for the In Crisis Organization in Florida from 1999 – 2000. In 1996 Freddie was ordained as a non-denominational Elder at Malone Memorial Church of God in Christ (Orlando, FL.) by His Holiness Bishop Chandler Malone. He was later honored by His Holiness the late Bishop M.L. Sconiers for his exemplary service in leadership. Freddie continues to stand out as a man that believes in mentoring the youth, guiding them through life, and ensuring their safety. Freddie Ruise is a great encourager, who believes that tough times don’t last; tough people do.


Fredrick Q. Smith is a member of the board of directors and Public Relations Officer of Life In Jesus International Foundation (LUIF). Fred Q. Smith was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and currently resides in Cypress, Texas. Fred graduated from Webster State University, Ogden Utah with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and a Masters degree in Industrial labor Relations from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana Pennsylvania. In addition to Fred’s academic accomplishments are a Teacher’s certificate from St. Thomas University in Houston, Texas, a Certificate in TQM from the University of Nevada and a Lean Six Sigma Certification from the University of Houston. Fred’s career paths have positioned him very well for the task ahead. A Juvenile Officer, school teacher, Human Resources leader, youth at risk leader and an entrepreneur. Fred is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, 100 Committed Men and Teach a Phew. Fred attended Weber State University on a football scholarship. Was recognized as first team all Sky Conference in 1991. Sports Illustrated Best of the Best in 1991. Pre-season All American Big Sky Conference in 1991. Fredrick Q. Smith is a man who continues to make a difference in the lives of the youth of today. Fred has been involved in coaching football for over a decade and continues to work in the lives of at risk youth.



Dr. Jennifer Welch is a member of the board of directors and is in charge of fundraising for Life In Jesus International Foundation. Dr. Jennifer Welch graduated from the University of Arizona, Tucson Arizona and Concordia University, Austin Texas in Human Anatomy and obtained her doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Trinity College in San Antonio, Texas and provides nutritional consultations via the Internet, personalized nutrition programs and guest service on the radio. For over a decade, Dr. Jen has worked with people suffering from diabetes, cancer, Irritable bowl, chronic fatigue syndromes, and other health concerns. Her success is credited to her understanding of the human body and how it operates. The advice that he gave her in his last days was Jennifer, take care of your health.” This powerful statement and the death of other family members caused Dr. Jen to study herbal and natural remedies and educate others including her clients to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This includes eating whole-life foods, believing in yourself, and thinking positively. Adequate Sleep and rest. Stress management, Regular Detoxification, and daily exercise. The great accomplishments of this great doctor have positioned her to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged youth.



Richard Welch is a member of the board of directors of Life In Jesus International Foundation, leading the Empowerment Center journey: a journey that means so much to the team of leaders at LUIF; hence the selection and assignment of Richard to lead this great endeavor. The Empowerment Center will house the necessary tools to teach and feed the youth of Uganda for a lifetime through education, spiritual mentoring, hands-on training in computers, tailoring, music, broadcasting, etc. Richard Otis Welch was born in Goldsboro, North Carolina, and graduated in Journalism from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a member of the International Thespian Society and Phi Beta Kappa Society. Richard is a marketing and public relations expert with a background of over twenty years of service. His background in non-profit organizations includes the increase of their bottom line through fund raisings and creative marketing and continues to work with local media as a tool for advertising various events. Richard works for KLRU-TV/PBS in Austin, Texas, contributing to the Texas Monthly Talks, Central Texas Gardener and the Austin City Limits (nationally acclaimed music show). He is an accomplished writer and an expert in information dissemination through press releases, feature articles, newsletters, marketing brochures, etc. Richard’s past services include serving on the Boards of Visionaries International, Dream Center Austin, Texas, and the Austin Disaster Relief. We are excited that he serves on LUIF with such great experience



Mishael Pariyar is the Country Director of Life in Jesus International Foundation (LUIF) and the founder and chairman of Mamta Child Care Trust (MCCT) in Kathmandu, Nepal. Misheal was born in the remote village of Gorkha district, Nepal to a family of seven (7) children. With the challenges of life due to poverty, through the leadership of his oldest sibling, Mishael Was introduced him a Christian Welfare Children Home (CWCH) in Katmandu, Nepal at the age of twelve. This provided him the opportunity to a decent life that included three-course meals a day, clean clothes, and also the ability to be educated. Mishael graduated from the local university with an undergraduate degree. His goal in life is to serve and work with the underprivileged people of Nepal, hence the need for MMCT. He joined a Medical Camp led by Evangelist Rick Bruce from the United States. He served as a translator for the English spelling evangelist and the people of Nepal. Through this camp Mishael studied to be a Medical Lab Technician; a career, that prepared him to identify diseases and the treatment of patients. Nepal is the Second Poorest Country in the world with a per capita income of about $1100 per year. Lijif.us is working through Mamta Child Care Trust (MCCT.) to care for the sixty-four (64) orphans in orphanages in Nepal



Private Deputy Principal Secretary to His Excellency the Vice President of Uganda.; Vincent’s current responsibilities include Office Administration and Programs for the Vice President of Uganda and also the coordinator of the Upland Rice Program for rural household food security since 2004 He serves on the Presidential Think Tank Committee on Prosperity For All (PFA) Vincent has over twenty-eight (28) years in public relations management and media practice. In the past half a decade or so, he has being involved in Research, consulting and promotion of electronic business (e-business) Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Training in Public Relations Management and Communication skills, Media Relations, Business Networking and Co-ordination Services. Vincent is a news reader and producer of discussions on the national radio and television. He obtained a Masters Degree in Mass Communications from the Leicester University, UK His serves as Chairman, Mwangwe Rural Development Association (MRDA), Chairman of Uganda ICT Outsourcing Services Association, General Secretary of Uganda Canada Business Association, and Board Member, Uganda Investment Authority for the past four (4) years.



Born in Uganda is a prominent Physiotherapist. Dr. Lubega and Nelson Yiga. co-founded the Focus On Human Mobility Initiatives. An organization aimed at improving the health and medical needs of the disabled through rehabilitation. Trained in Uganda, served in Zimbabwe, and other African countries Dr. Lubega is presently practices Physiotherapist at Mengo hospital and Victoria Medical Center in Uganda. The difference he continues to make in the lives of the disabled coupled with the mental education he continues to provide has generated independence and above all respect for the rights of the disabled. His works are documented in Uganda Medical journals. Dr. Kimanuka’s involvement with Life in Jesus International Foundation heightens the struggle to make a difference in the world of health as IF embarks on health Projects in Uganda and the world at large. As the leader of the Health project, he will influence the planning and direction of LUIF’s endeavors in the field of medicine in Uganda. A few of Dr Kiwanka’s achievements are his experience in consulting with surgeons, Neuron physidans, Physiotherapists Occupational therapists, and technologists locally as well as internationally including medical facilities such as Nairobi hospital. Agha Khan hospital in Kenya, Mpilo hospital, Wits University, Donald Gordon Medical Center Johannesburg, South Africa California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco campus.



Priscilla Lalam Todwong graduated from Nkumba University, Uganda. She majored in Human Resources, Project Planning and Management, Gender Development Services and Research. She worked for Alliance African Assistance-Uganda in the areas of specifications Into Management of Program activities. Registration of refugees, supervision of Volunteers, Audits and monthly and annual budgets. Priscilla volunteered in many sectors of services with refugees in Uganda and countries around Uganda that are involved in the process. She is a Project Advisor of the Sudanese Women Action Network (SWAN) in Nairobi Kenya. She is also responsible for Human resources management; Research and field work on conflicts affecting Sudanese women, Priscilla speaks multiple languages including English, Acholi, and Luganda Lusoga. Langl and Swahili She is the club captain for the women’s Rugby Team of Progressive Secondary School in Uganda and a Therapy trainer with the Canadian Based “Right to Play organization.