Child Protection Policy

Where there is a complaint against a member of staff there may be three types of investigation:

The results of the police and child protection investigation may well influence the disciplinary investigation, but not necessarily.


The organization will ensure that any records made in relation to a referral should be kept confidential and in a secure place. Information in relation to child protection concerns should be shared on a “need to know” basis. However, the sharing of information is vital to child protection and, therefore, the issue of confidentiality is secondary to a child‟s need for protection.

NOTE: Please note that the LIJIF Child Protection Policy can be amended at any time to include any new and or relevant policies that will enforce and strengthen the existing policy in accordance with any relevant laws on children's rights within the operation countries of work (NEPAL, USA, UGANDA, KENYA) and any changes as determined by the UN Convention of the rights of the child

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