COMMUNITY: Bunnamwaya is in Wakiso District that serves as a hub for many residents of over half a million both medium and higher income. This is on the outskirts of Kampala the capital of Uganda from Seguku and Zana of Entebbe Road as the surrounding areas. This is the place we want to expand to. The Institution started as a charitable organ named Life in Jesus International Foundation from the United States. Its major focus was to train skills that are needed for job placements. A job that this institution did very diligently in less than two years having trained over two hundred vulnerable young women and men in Basic Health Studies, Cosmetology, Audio and Video production, Telecommunications, hair design and computing. The school received both students with or without money. The Institution did not discriminate in color, race, religion, National Origin, ability, or tribe. The reason it became parents, students, teachers, and the founder’s institution. It provided over 10% partial scholarships and 5% full scholarships and those were given to the Buganda Kingdom. Lijif International American University submitted its application in 2011 which was put on hold due to lack of space by the advice of the National Council for Higher Education, a Tirtially Institution License was instead granted, and the name Lijif (standing for Life in Jesus International Foundation) International Colleges of Health Sciences was born at Plot 17, Kakungulu Road in Ntinda. And later at 4330 Old Kiira Road. It later expanded to two four-storey buildings with over 26 offices and 14 classrooms, a large laboratory, library, and computer lab with sleeping quarters all banded in half an acre. At the time the school had made a decision with Academic agencies to concentrate only on sciences but with subjective training systems that had been introduced by the founder from the United States. The Institution chose to deal with only science academics and registered Nursing, Midwifery, Clinical Medicine, and Computer studies as their first courses. In 2016 the Institution was found in a hard position between the Founder and the Landowner in consideration of space and expansion. In June after incidents the institution would temporarily halt services and relocated students to several other institutions to find new venues out of the city to allow expansion by the advice of Madam Helen Mukakarisa the Director of the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examination Board, in the inter-ministerial meeting held at Africana Hotel in December of 2015. The curriculum is managed and passed on by the Nurses Council under the Ministry of Education or Allied Health for courses under that management agency. They are a six months programs that rotate by block schedule. Seven Credits per semester is the maximum course load; students take four 95-minute block classes, two 97-minute block classes and one 50-Minute Block classes. Students attend three block classes and the regular class daily and two Clinical setting hands on training at a recognized Hospital and in this case Naguru China Uganda friendship Hospital. Block classes are six months long and each block meets every day. AVCP (Area Vocational and college programs enable science, math, and English defaults to earn credits and continue with their health-related education desires at local institutions of higher education).

A-Excellent 94-100
B-Above Average 85-93
C-Average 75-84 2
D-Below Average 65-74
F-Failure 64 or Below 0

Grade Point Average(GPA) calculation is computed using the above quality points. Beginning with grade nine, all subjects in a course, whether passed or failed, are included in the computation. A minimum of 48 credits is required for a person to gain a position in the next scheduled class block. In addition, each student must complete a 200-hour community service as a graduation requirement. Other and Honors classes are weighted by one point. Grades are recorded on the transcript and GPA is computed in May and November.
All students take Government standardized exams in all the courses since regulations are set by government appointed agencies. ADVANCED PLACEMENT RESULTS: Since our beginning and licensing, our students have made great strides in not looking into grading only but skill performance wherever they have gone for health service providing. This has been indicated in written reports from the employers and community service intiatives they have attended many of them being organized by the Buganda Ministry of Health. By 2016, 253 students had taken national exams. A total of 771 exams were taken in all the Health given subjects internally. 83% of the Students received scores of 3 or higher GPA. 71% matriculated to advanced classes 18 Matriculated to a 2 year course of advancement and 11% chose Military or Police service or technical instruction and some won scholarships abroad. The Institution was credited for so many introductory schedules and programs to enhance skill learning than grade training and requested to act as a model for other upcoming science institutions. Example: The excellent panel of professional educators both local and international that are there to ensure a persisting and appropriate progress of students’ IQ, EQ and PQ (Intelligent Quotient, Emotional Quotient and Physical Quotient). Introduction of IEP (individualized Education Programs), Cooperative Training, Subjective methodology of advancement in Health techniques, publication of two commercial Newspapers “Ganyana” and “The East African University Journal” and much more. Summing it up, as the first Institution in Uganda to own Ambulances giving free medical services in EMS, the institution chose to purchase ten acres in Kalagala, Mukono District which it acquired to expand into a two set University and another avenue at Bunamwaya in Wakiso District. The fastest growing Institution with support from several funding agencies that got attracted to its chore values and desire to instill prevention than curing of diseases by educating the mass and its own students, parents and staff first so they work as health disciples. The Founder’s message “ Educated Nation is a Healthy Nation and a Healthy nation is a very productive one..” caught the Attention of the Vice President and was appointed to his board of Medical Team that annually oversees the free treatment of the public in need of health services in medical camps many of which have been in Kyanamukaaka, Masaka District where the Vice President hails from.


From Plot 17, Kakungulu Road Ntinda to 4330 Old Kiira Road  Ntinda to then our new two campuses.

Main Campus at Bunnamwaya and Kalagala Respectfully.